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Define deployment phases for Usability Improvement (desktop) Beta Feature rollout
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This task involves the work with defining the phases in which we will offer the set of Usability Improvements (desktop) that comprise the set of Talk Pages Project Usability Improvements (desktop) [i][ii][iii] within the existing Discussion tools Beta Feature.

Deployment Phases

Partner,, and
Phase 1All Wikimedia wikis except,,


  • The phases in which we will deploy each Usability Improvement [i][ii][iii] are documented in the Deployment Phases section
  • All Wikimedia projects are accounted for within the Deployment Phases section
  • T302547 is updated to reflect the deployment phases we'll have defined in this ticket

i. T269950: [EPIC] Topic Containers
ii. T293522: [EPIC] Clearer Talking Affordances
iii. T269963: [EPIC] Talk Page Frame

Event Timeline

Per the meeting @Whatamidoing-WMF and I had offline today, I've updated the task description with the deployment phases we have in mind for the Usability Improvement rollout.

Note: these phases could change over the course of our three planned Usability Improvement beta feature deployments (T302547). If/when we end up needing to do this, we'll update T302547 accordingly.