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Invitation banner not always desired
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Some talk pages (for example, Diskuse:Večerní univerzita marxismu-leninismu or Diskuse:Mluvnický pád) invite users with new topic tool to create a discussion, even though the talk page exists. By deduction, I determined it's caused by the pages not containing an up-to-date signature, but some older one (neither [ reply ] buttons after the comments are displayed), and not containing a header simultaneously. I believe this is an error since this invitation is missing on some other, sometimes smaller, talk pages (e.g., Diskuse:Velká růžová plavba teplého Ala). --David V.

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Esanders subscribed.

The timezone format on that wiki was changed around 2015 ( I believe we identified this issue when we were deploying the reply tool, and obviously it affects all tools. Our assumption is that the vast majority of conversations that old have been archived.

While this change was in 2014 (T73902), a long ago, such changes may happen any time, and if a change happens after the deployment of DiscussionTools to the affected wiki, even one-day-old comments will be unreplyable. I think this is not okay and should be prepared for in advance; for example, a DiscussionTools configuration parameter could store historical values of the relevant core parameters so that DT could treat strings matching any of these formats signatures.

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@matmarex do you have a sense for whether there are any adjustments we can make to the comment parser such that it would recognize timestamps in these cases?

As a least-effort fix, could DiscussionTools always accept UTC timestamps regardless of wiki settings, too?
What about allowing matching "UTC" here and skipping this DST handling code when "UTC" is matched?