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local-multiwrite error when attempting to delete [[w:uk:File:BartVSAustralia.JPG]]
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Steps to replicate the issue (include links if applicable):

  • Attempt to deleteФайл:BartVSAustralia.JPG , "Невільний файл, який не відповідає критеріям добропорядного використання з 21 червня 2022" can be used as a valid deletion reason, but for the purpose of the bug any description works

What happens?:

Помилка вилучення файлу: Сталася невідома помилка у сховищі рушія «local-multiwrite».

What should have happened instead?:
File gets deleted

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This is a full duplicate of T244567, why is this separate task needed?

I didn't know about that task when reporting this one, I guess it can be merged in, though I think having it as a subtask makes sense too, because the scope of this task is more of to have this concrete file deleted, than to have the actual problem resolved.

I'll merge this into the parent task. To have this deleted, the problem needs to be resolved.

@Minorax , my thinking was that perhaps it is possible to have the file deleted via a shell script whilst it is only for GUI deletion that the problem needs to be solved.