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Carry out the 2022 fawiki elections on votewiki
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I'm creating this task a little early just so we can track it - timing is a little more complicated this year. This description is based on T292685 - I invite @Huji or @MahdySaffar to add a timeline here when it is available.

The annual elections for fawiki's Supervisory Council (akin to the Arbitration Committee) are coming up. Similar to last four years (see T292685, T207560, T230614 and T262689), these will be held on votewiki.

Here is a timeline of activities adapted from past years (dates forthcoming):

  • 1 week: Nominations
    • Identify two scrutineers (typically, from current stewards)
    • Create a blank election on votewiki (can be modeled after last year's election)
    • Make the scrutineers election admins on votewiki
    • Make local election execution committee election admins on votewiki
  • 3 days: Election setup
    • Import the list of eligible voters
    • Verify that candidates meet the related eligibility criteria
    • Import the list of candidates
    • Configure the election on votewiki
    • Verify the list of election admins (i.e. remove exec committee members from list of admins)
    • Change the language of votewiki to Persian (fa)
  • 2 weeks: Voting period
    • Submit an invitation to all eligible voters using MassMessage
  • 4 days: Tallying period
    • Change the language of votewiki back to English (en)
    • Election exec. committee checks if any vote was cast while the user was locally blocked
    • Scrutineers run necessary checks to strike votes submitted by socks or placed through proxy IP addresses
    • The Trust-and-Safety team or someone with shell access runs the tally via command line
    • Output is presented in two tables (one that shows the candidates ranked by their support, and the other that shows the head-to-head comparison matrix of votes)
    • Scrutineers confirm that the result posted on wiki matches the result from the tally