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Track metrics on new user talk and article talk pages for iOS
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Create (if necessary) and implement an analytics schema for the new user talk and article talk page feature.

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Unfortunately I can't find any indication that we sent events from our old user talk pages, so we may need to come up with this from scratch. It was before MEP, so it would have been in the legacy system. Do you see any existing iOS schema on your end for user talk pages?

Alternatively we might be able to use Android's schema, if they have one, or at least use it as a starting point and tweak as needed. Let me know what you think, thanks!

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We can use the same structure as the Android MobileWikiAppTalk schema. In that schema each Talk page event records action, source (Source from where the user came into the Talk workflow*), pageNS (page namespace) , anon (is user logged in or anon) and time_spent.

Will follow up here when Data Engineering gets back to me about current process for creating new schemas.

*note in the Android schema we use a numeric code to represent each possible invoked source, this is not necessary to keep if want to use text strings instead.