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Investigate bridging Matrix to Telegram
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Wikimedia Telegram channels are currently bridged to IRC via Bridgebot / matterbridge, and that works about as poorly as can be expected: text gets over but nothing else, and all Telegram users (and on the other end all IRC users) are shown under the same account.

We should try bridging Matrix with Telegram, either via matterbridge or mautrix-telegram (either or self-hosted).

IRC bridging would then work via the relatively high-quality (e.g. puppeting-capable) Matrix-IRC bridge.

See also T298360: Investigate bridging Matrix to Discord.

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Event Timeline

Per the mautrix-telegram roadmap it is very nearly feature-complete, and can sync almost everything: rich text, message edits/deletions, reacjis, typing and read receipts, presence, moderation to some extent. is already being used on although not sure how many join that channel via the Matrix side.

Maybe it would be worth coming up with some sort of checklist template for testing bridges (based on what was done in T298360: Investigate bridging Matrix to Discord).

Bridge test template

Things we learned so far:

  • matterbridge is bad (no puppeting on either end, fails to convert even basic formatting like links or strikethrough)
  • uses a forked version of mautrix-telegram that's waaay behind it's upstream (almost a year) - t2bot only puppets on the Matrix end, mautrix-telegram claims to do double-puppeting