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[SPIKE] Define the editing contexts initial check will be made available within
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This task involves the work of deciding what editing contexts the initial check the Editing Team is developing will be available within.

Where "editing contexts" means: creating a new article, editing a specific section, or editing an entire article.

Open questions

  • 1. What – if any – editing contexts beyond those listed below will we need to decide whether the initial check should be made available within?
    • Full-page editing (visual, desktop)
    • Section editing (visual, desktop + mobile)
    • New article creation (visual, desktop + mobile)
    • Namespaces (e.g. main, draft, user, etc.)
  • 2. What editing contexts will we need to make the initial edit check available within?


  • Answers to all Open questions are documented
  • Edit Check measurement plan is updated to ensure the metrics we plan to gather reflect the editing interfaces we expect Edit Check to initially be made available within


@nayoub raised this question in the Editing Team's 30 November team meeting in response to him positing that creating a new article might vary significantly enough to expanding an existing one that the two would warrant different user experiences.

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