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Improve translation related filter options on Special:RecentChanges
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After our changes for T233493, the recent changes filter has the following options:

  • Translation namespace
  • Site messages
  • Not in translation namespaces
  • Not translation pages

These filter options use negation and are confusing.

After recent discussions with @Pginer-WMF, we've decided that the following options could be added to make the filtering easier to understand:

  • Translatable pages. Original content to be translated.
  • Translations. Edits to make a translation.
  • Translated pages. Pages compiling the translated contents.
  • No translated content. Excludes translated pages and edits for translations
  • Site messages

Event Timeline

I agree current filters are confusing, especially the following issue: if you write about Translations namespace, I think it is more clear to use the plural form (as soon as T325884 isn’t resolved) and a capitalized initial letter.

Change proposals do not have this issue.

It's not limited to Translations. For example, has dozen or so translation namespaces.

Nikerabbit moved this task from Backlog to Statistics on the MediaWiki-extensions-Translate board.