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Port Desktop DE banner
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Convert the existing Preact components into Vue components. Biggest effort here is the slider. The multi-step form and the validation is tackled in another ticket.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Desktop DE banner design is ported to Vue
  • The changes for the progress bar are integrated
  • The single-step donation form is integrated
  • The dynamic text generator is integrated
  • The highlighting animation is implemented
  • The responsive behaviour of the banner text and the slider is ported to Vue
  • The soft close feature is ported to Vue.
  • The "I already donated" feature is ported to Vue.
  • The one-click-select feature is implemented
  • The use of funds content is implemented
  • The banner triggers events to the Event Platform
  • High-level integration tests are added

Implementation Details:
See for an introduction on how to use Vue 3 composition API functions to create a minimal "store" (sharing state between components)

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