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Move Sister projects and make them more prominent in the right menu
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Some months ago I discussed here about the design-decision against the strategic direction: T287609. One of the points raised there was that sister projects should be more prominent, and hiding them by default for non logged-in users was an error. The project continued, and now non logged-in users can't see the sister projects.

Anyway, there's a change, because a right menu was introduced. In the prototype here we can see a better concept of marking the right menu in a grey background. I think that this move goes in the right direction, despite the overal decision of hiding the sister projects is bad. Now that we have moved that to the right, a good idea would be to change the default order to show first the sister projects and then the tools. Making this move, we can even mark it differently (with a darker grey tone, for example, and adding the project logos.