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Actions on the list of mentors shouldn't be marked as unpatrolled when done by autopatrolled editors
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On Recent changes on wikis where patrolled edits are enabled, actions tagged as mentor list changes are considered as to be patrolled.

See this example on French Wikipedia:

At the time I checked on this list, the only patrolled edit was one made by an admin. Other edits, made by autopatrolled editors, were not marked as patrolled.

These edits shouldn't be marked as unpatrolled if made by autopatrolled editors.

Initial report:

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Change 886170 had a related patch set uploaded (by Urbanecm; author: Urbanecm):

[mediawiki/extensions/GrowthExperiments@master] WikiPageConfigWriter: Use isAllowed instead of authorizeWrite

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Interesting, Authority::authorizeWrite( 'autopatrol', $title ) returns false if the user cannot change the page passed as $title. I guess that makes sense. Let's replace that with Authority::isAllowed, which should be good enough for an autopatrol check.

Claiming, as this is an oneliner

Change 886170 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/GrowthExperiments@master] WikiPageConfigWriter: Use isAllowed instead of authorizeWrite

@Trizek-WMF and others FYI, the fix for this issue will ride the next train (so it should be available at fr.wikipedia on Thursday Feb 09).

Adding user notice, as it targets an important number of wikipedias, including big ones, and it is not only mentors' concern.

Re: Tech News - What wording would you suggest as the content? I don't quite understand the Description above sufficiently to propose a good draft, but a 'best guess' is below. (Or you can add it directly to the edition). Thanks!

Section: "Problems" (or "Changes this week"?)

  • Starting last week, there is a problem with edits tagged with mentor list changes not being correctly marked as autopatrolled. It will be fixed later this week.

I was going to decline adding it to Tech News.
(My reasoning: As far as I can tell, from looking around extensively, this has only affected a tiny quantity of edits at even the largest wikis, and it didn't cause any damage or prevent anything from working; it just added an extra dozen or so patrol-taggings that were hypothetically needed (and don't appear to have been done, anyway? (example)). But perhaps I'm missing something?)
But then LD very kindly edited the edition directly to add an entry, giving me accurate wording to work with!
So, I'll leave it in to be translated over the weekend, but I hesitantly suggest that you remove it before I send the edition on Monday, to save time/attention for the readers. -- I.e. If this is just a very minor bug that affected a tiny number of edits, then that is not the kind of thing that belongs in Tech News - hundreds of those are fixed every week (and it's very important to fix them, as "papercut bugs" are frustrating when they add up!). -- But I'll leave that decision to you. Thanks.

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Checked on frwiki wmf.24 (and testwiki wmf.24) - users in Autopatrollers group won't have their edits on MediaWiki:GrowthMentors.json‎ as unpatrolled.