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Make sidebar interface control through the MediaWiki:Sidebar
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Hello! An update came to us and I was very surprised to see that it is not translated and it is very difficult to access the strings that need to be translated. They are all in different places, half in MediaWiki:Sidebar and half in another places: MediaWiki:vector-main-menu-label, MediaWiki:vector-page-tools-label, MediaWiki:vector-page-tools-actions-label etc. Is it possible to make it so that you do not have to look for needles all over the site?

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@Iniquity I'm not sure I understand the request here. MediaWiki:Sidebar has only ever allowed customization of the content of menus not the labels.

Some of the red boxes you have drawn (vector-main-menu-label and vector-page-tools-label) are not menus but controls for those menus and are outside of what we consider the sidebar. Adding support to MediaWiki:Sidebar would be a little unexpected and counterintuitive to me in the same way it would be counterintuitive if
nstab-project message could be controlled by MediaWiki:Sidebar.

Regarding the red boxes inside the menu (vector-page-tools-general-label and vector-page-tools-actions-label) - it's not possible in MediaWiki:Sidebar to replace the toolbox heading. It only supports a TOOLBOX keyword to allow control of the position (and by cooincidence the associated message is toolbox). I am hoping with : T318435 we'll also support reordering the page tools menus e.g. allowing TOOLBOX to appear above ACTIONS but I don't see how or why we would add customization of the message keys themselves.

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it is very difficult to access the strings that need to be translated.

It seems in this case you used ?uselang=qqx which is precisely how we encourage customization of the menu. If those messages can be further modified by SIDEBAR isn't that adding unnecessary complexity - as now you'll need to check multiple message keys for a single message. I'm not understanding the difficulty here. Could you elaborate further?

Hello! Maybe you are right and I was just too surprised that some of the messages appeared in English. It's just that most of the sidebar used to be controlled MediaWiki:Sidebar including the headers. Therefore, the first thing I did was get into the MediaWiki:Sidebar, and only then did I start looking through &uselang=qqx. Just in one essentially the menu - two different behaviors. And it's not entirely clear, maybe you just need to get used to it. If you do not see this as a clear problem, then we can return to this later.

It is confusing to see mixed languages in these columns.