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[tsb.cli] don't force a user when running upstream buildpacks
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It turns out that upstream builder needs to be run as root, otherwise they can't work:

dcaro@toolsbeta-sgebastion-05:~$ kubectl --as=admin --as-group=system:masters -n image-build logs test-buildpacks-pipelinerun-nsxt5-build-from-git-pod -c step-build
Warning: Platform requested deprecated API '0.4'
Warning: Buildpack 'heroku/python@0.0.0' requests deprecated API '0.4'
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘.heroku’: Permission denied
ERROR: failed to build: exit status 1

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Change 897921 had a related patch set uploaded (by David Caro; author: David Caro):

[cloud/toolforge/toolforge-cli@main] build: use the default user and group

dcaro changed the task status from In Progress to Stalled.Mar 13 2023, 4:28 PM

Change 897921 merged by jenkins-bot:

[cloud/toolforge/toolforge-cli@main] build: use the default user and group