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Background image of vectorTabs overlaps with the variant name
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Set the following values on your LocalSettings:
$wgLanguageCode = "zh";
$wgVectorShowVariantName = true;

This will make MediaWiki to display the name of the current variant above the menu.

On MediaWiki 1.17, there was an arrow to the right of the variant name, but on MediaWiki 1.18 this was changed to a double arrow which overlaps with the variant name.

See the attached screenshot.

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The icon is in the wrong place, and is displayed two times


Wrong_icon_on_language_variants_menu.png (284×354 px, 19 KB)

FYI: The images in question are the following:

The second one has two arrows and is wrongly positioned on MW 1.18 under the configuration mentioned on comment 0.

Here is the CSS related to that icon as of MediaWiki 1.19:

/* @noflip */
div.vectorMenu {

		direction: ltr;
		float: left;
		/* @embed */
		background-image: url(images/arrow-down-icon.png);
		background-position: 0px 60%;
		background-repeat: no-repeat;
		cursor: pointer;

div.vectorMenuFocus {

		background-position: -22px 60%;


The cause seems to be in alignment of the sprite.
I can't reproduce this bug, but if it's still happening in trunk:

  • Don't use sprites
  • @noflip for the other one rule too

(In reply to comment #3)

I can't reproduce this bug, but if it's still happening in trunk:

I just tested it using trunk version of MediaWiki and still happens as described when $wgLanguageCode = "zh" and $wgVectorShowVariantName = true;.

PhiLiP.NPC wrote:

r99080 may fix it.

(In reply to comment #5)

r99080 may fix it.

I'm adding bug 29068 because the broken CSS is deployed on Wikimedia wikis affecting pages like this:

I had already reported this on bug 20193 but I probably should've opened a new one..

With the deployment of 1.18, the arrow in the p-cactions menu is also slightly off-center to the left (see bug 31409). Can someone see if that has been resolved by this fix? In that case I can close 31409 as well.