MediaWiki bugs to be fixed for 1.18wmf1 deployment (tracking)
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Like bug 26611, but for stuff around the 1.18 deployment.

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Severity: normal


Blocked By
T33234: Special:GlobalBlockList broken due to slash being added to input
T33225: Message "protect-level-autoconfirmed"/"protect-level-sysop" should be used instead of "protect-fallback"
T33206: Altering blocks doesn't appear to be working
T33191: "Not logged in" p-personal javascript should not be triggered after login
T33187: jsmin+ throws syntax errors on valid js pages
T33179: "Page does not exist" on some pages on MW 1.18; possible empty page_latest bug?
T33177: Sidebar problems on 1.18: some message keys displaying instead of their contents
T33123: Sidebar on broken for entries depending on custom messages
T33100: Sidebar parser broken in 1.18
T33093: Remove feature requested with bug #25295
T33087: Deploy LQT (1.18 Branch) on 1.18 LQT wikis
T33061: User preferences are ignored
T33051: References to /resources should target the correct mwversion
T33024: Auto-rotating images is broken on but works fine on my local checkout
T32942: Gadgets enabled by default can't be disabled by the user [regression]
T31330: CheckUser should take over Block::doRetroactiveAutoblock() lookups
T32900: Special:Search is incorrectly erroring about invalid page names
T31277: [Regression] MediaWiki:Filepage.css not loaded on repo itself
T31278: ApiEditPage triggers 500 Internal Server Error when attempting to add text to a page over a redirect
T31246: API errors occasionally with unknown error 231
T31233: Broken failover for DB slave connection errors
T31234: Prevent creation of new (unattached?) SUL accounts with already unified names
T32746: Change in parser behavior in tables
T32640: EXIF orientation tag use broken in 1.18 - skewed display
T32568: Redlinks to [[MediaWiki:Wiki-name-{domainname}]] on bottom of File-page
T30898: Set up notification for when/if Google's safe browsing spots something on wiki*
T30857: Sometimes there's "undefined" in a Resource loader CSS request
T30794: Verify that Upload by URL and job runners is not affected by ChronologyProtector fix
T32384: extra newlines in nested templates in tables [parser difference between 1.17 and 1.18]
T32192: Thumbnails of archived images don't get deleted
T30349: Number of pages in a category is displayed incorrectly after an LTR char in an RTL wiki
T31847: Regression: &action=unwatch is broken with JS off
T23279: Regular deletion of revisions deleted with rev_deleted breaks links in log entries
T33435: HTML entities in watchlist/raw
T33420: tablesorter and rowspans in headers
T33396: Background image of vectorTabs overlaps with the variant name
T31558: Add config var to disable update.php
bzimport set Reference to bz29068.
bzimport added a subscriber: Unknown Object (MLST).
Krinkle created this task.May 21 2011, 10:32 AM

For tarball bugs, see Bug 28425

danny.leinad wrote:


On the # MediaWiki_now_supports_women.21 you boast that MW will support women, but in fact this feature is broken, please look at bug27398 and consider to add this bug as blocker.

(In reply to comment #2)

On the #
MediaWiki_now_supports_women.21 you boast that MW will support women, but in
fact this feature is broken, please look at bug27398 and consider to add this
bug as blocker.

If you are talking about 1.18, it would be better to put this as a tarball blocker.

I think it is best way to interpret that statement ("now supports women") is that there is *any* support for gender rather than saying the support doesn't have any issues.

Is the support bug free?

Is there some support where there was none before?

Are there plans to improve this support?

So we've only begun to support women. It isn't like a switch that can be flipped on and off.

Adding tarball as blocking. Since it's deployed on WMF before release, it makes sense that fixes for deployment block the release. Moreover since whatever WMF setup does, other wikis might do as well.

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