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Arrow-down-icon in Vector no longer centered in 1.18
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From [[WP:VPT]]: The down arrow on top of the drop down menu (in Vector) is one pixel off (to the left). The arrow icon has been changed to enable highlighting, but some CSS may not have been updated.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal



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I will post a CSS patch or updated image.

Created attachment 9174
Updated arrow-down-icon; shifted both icons one pixel to the right.

Here's the new icon-down-arrow.png with both icons shifted one pixel to the right. Pallette preserved (still 4bbp) and lost 8 bytes of weight.

attachment arrow-down-icon.png ignored as obsolete

Not sure I understand -- in what way is it off and what does shifting it to the right accomplish? I don't see any obvious inconsistencies poking at the arrow live.

Created attachment 9177
Blown-up screenshot showing off-center arrow

Granted, you'd need a looking glass to see the difference, but the arrow is not perfectly centered as it was in 1.17; it is now off-center to the left by one pixel. The new image will resolve that.


Off-center_screenshot.png (200×240 px, 2 KB)

Created attachment 9199
Updated arrow-down-icon; shifted both icons one pixel to the right.

Fixed pallette.

attachment arrow-down-icon.png ignored as obsolete

Just to be sure, have you tested this with the recent fix for bug 31396? (r99080, r99081, r99087)

No, but I'm sure I won't have to; the attached file *will* regress bug 31396 (the image has been split up there). However, r99080 *may* also fix the off-center issue, making this bug moot, but I have no way of testing.

Created attachment 9241
Updated arrow-down-icon; shifted icon one pixel to the right.


arrow-down-icon.png (16×22 px, 188 B)

Created attachment 9242
Updated arrow-down-focus-icon; shifted icon one pixel to the right

Since the sprite image was updated to two seperate images, I have updated those images to shift both icons 1 pixel to the right. There should be no regression.


arrow-down-focus-icon.png (16×22 px, 191 B)

Closing; As it turns out, the associated CSS changes made in r99080 also fixes the off-center issue.