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Prepare Ultraviolet for IP Masking
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Work on the implementation of IP masking is now underway (see IP Editing: Privacy Enhancement and Abuse Mitigation § Implementation Strategy and next steps (25 February 2022)).

As of now, Ultraviolet supports anonymous users using mw.util.isIPAddress. This likely has to be changed to support the new method of IP masking. For reference: the system will work using temporary accounts and is session-based.

We're hoping to get the entirety of UV done before IP Masking gets deployed, so a possible backport for RedWarn seems unlikely as of now.


  • Add a global flag for whether IP masking is enabled on a wiki or not (for handling special conditions)
    • Perhaps T325451 might also need to be considered for this one. Whether or not this preference is enabled will affect how data is displayed and, thus, how we're supposed to send warnings/reports.
  • Switch over to mw.util.isIPAddress to mw.user.isAnon/mw.user.isTemp (where appropriate)
  • Verify that reports and warnings work properly for temporary accounts
    • This includes checking if the temporary account receives the appropriate warnings
  • Consider implementing the IP Info tool as part of the warning/reporting interface
    • This should only be enabled if the user has the IP Info tool enabled in their preferences (which ensures that they've read the legal message).