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IP Masking - MVP
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This is an Epic task is to capture sub-tasks that are considered essential for delivering (from AHT and other teams) on an MVP for IP Masking. Details will be captured under the subtasks themselves.

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@Niharika @KStoller-WMF is there a task for tracking the deployment of this work? I'm specifically interested to know what the plan is for how it would be rolled out: enable for everyone on a wiki, or would we have an A/B test? (I am not sure if the code as written is set up for that.)

@kostajh we haven't officially decided on that yet but I was thinking it would be enabled on testwiki and then on 1-2 small wikis before a more gradual, wider rollout. I imagine it to be a quite slow and careful rollout with sufficient time for gathering feedback along the way.

We have not considered an A/B test. Is there anything that seems like a good candidate for A/B testing?