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1.18 regression: Monobook skin left bar has very large spacing in IE 7 (and IE 8 & IE 9's compatibility mode)
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Author: snews

Screentshot of left bar spacing problem

There are very large spaces between the navigation box, the search box, the interaction box, the toolbox, the pring/export box, and the languages box in the left bar of the classic view. This occurs only in the English-language version.

Attached is a screenshot.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal
OS: Windows 7

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Created attachment 9308
Re-uploaded screenshot

Re-uploading screenshot as PNG.

In the future, please don't upload screenshots embedded in Word documents, upload them as image files instead.


bug31993.png (728×1 px, 196 KB)

Created attachment 9309
Screenshot of left bar spacing problem

Replaced screenshot in .docx format by a PNG.
If I remember correctly the space is caused by the "Compatibility View" of Internet Explorer.


screenshot.PNG (448×628 px, 204 KB)

I can't reproduce this on IE 7/XP, IE 8/XP (regular or compatibility), or IE 9/Win7 (regular or compatibility).

Could be something that was specific to the styles and images that were on the main page that particular day, perhaps?

Ah, this is Monobook-only. Adding to the summary so people might be able to repro. :)

Confirmed this is a regression in 1.18's Monobook skin and can reproduce on my local 1.18 and trunk installs while 1.17 is fine.

Primary problem is with IE 7; IE 8 & 9's "compatibility mode" emulates IE 7's rendering behavior, so those modes showing the bug too is not surprising. :) Regular mode *should* be the default (and is for me at least) and appears fine.

Removing the 'float: left' from the "HTML > BODY .portlet" rule seems to resolve this.

Rule was added in r74966 by Roan, while porting MonoBook styles to the Vector infrastructure. There's no specific comment explaining what its purpose is... questions the purpose of the block; the rule after it seems to be a hack for IE/Mac (which is so broken these days we don't care about supporting it) while the actual rule here, just not sure why it's there.

Fixed this on trunk in r101540 by removing the suspicious float/clear bits.

Roan confirmed that code was ported from Monobook's old rtl.css, but the float/clear is no longer needed. (Oddly, on RTL there was no spacing issue with the floats. Bah!)

Marked in CR for merge to 1.18 & 1.18wmf1 deployment as a regression fix.

david.hyland wrote:

*** Bug 32166 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***