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Many language names are in unsupported encodings/fonts
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With the phone set to english, many languages are just appearing as squares [][][][], which doesn't really look very good...

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: enhancement


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It should be possible to ship some additional fonts with the app or just let webfonts do their work (-> general 'support webfonts in MobileFrontend'?)

Note however that not all scripts will render correctly even if fonts are provided. There's improved support for Indic scripts in Android 3 or 4 though.

Extra web fonts wont do us any good if Android has no rendering support for them. So we can either shame android and show its poor language support or maintain a list of what works where. Thoughts?

Presumably, if it's not showing in a language, it's not going to show in any language? ie Android doesn't have support for that language?

Similarily, will that language work in the browser, or is it just Android itself with the lacking support?

It'd feel a bit bad blacklisting languages completely if they have partial support. If they are completely unsupported, it isn't so bad.

Maybe we could do "LocalLanguageName (Canonical/EnglishLanguageName)" too?

Or to keep it more like MediaWiki "langcode - LocalLanguageName"

philinje wrote:

A good usability enhancement would be to show the name of the language, even if it's not supported, as Sam suggested with LocalLanguageName. And then gray it out to show the language is not being rendered.

Presumably, this is the same as the language not being supported on that device, and therefore all apps on that device would have the same problem. But there must be a way to check the available languages, right?

This is tricky because I know on some devices the available languages for the phone is not the same as what languages will be rendered.

Settings now shows language name + localLanguageName.