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Praiseworthy mentees list does not reflect latest mentor settings
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After T338263, when a mentor updates their "send praise" settings it is possible that some of the already shown praiseworthy mentees in the list are filtered out (and some in). eg: changing the maximum number of reverts from 3 to 0.

In the current status quo the praiseworthy mentee list is not immediately updated which can be confusing for mentors.

This task is to address that situation and provide a refresh mechanism after settings are changed. See also T338174

Event Timeline

@Trizek-WMF Me and Kirsten discussed this in 2023-08-30 mentorship meeting. We feel like it doesn't make sense to invest time into fixing this now, considering we only noticed this internally. Do you know of any community feedback around the PP module that would be relevant here?

I haven't heard back from the communities. We will change the priority if some feedback is raised.