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(Cologneblue skin) #catlinks should have text-align:right
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Cologneblue has the interlanguage links and the category bar in the topbar, and both were right aligned. (CSS inherited from

Since r102297 (see bug 31990), the category links in the cologneblue skin are mis-aligned (left instead of right).

I guess cologneblue/screen.css should override the shared setting from shared.css by doing

#catlinks { text-align: right }

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: enhancement



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Patch to skins/cologneblue/screen.css fixing this


Similar issue with the simple skin.

Fixed in r103679
Thanks for reporting Lupo !

Merged in REL1_18 by r103747. Will be in next RC or stable.

Thanks to both of you.