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"justify paragraphs" preference is applied too strongly
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(I'm sorry if this is not formulated very precisely.)

As a temporary workaround to Bug 28573 i added this to Print.css in he.wp: {

text-align: center;


This works, but only if the "justify paragraphs" option is disabled in the preferences. If it is enabled, the image is still aligned to the right, because the justify paragraphs takes over the definition in Print.css. This is the default, so it probably doesn't affect most users, but still should be fixed.

There's also another possibility - that i should have added something else to Print.css.

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I'm unclear on what you want changed. The justify preference just adds the rule:

#article, #bodyContent, #mw_content { text-align: justify; }

So it shouldn't override your rule.

Related justify bugs - bug 20184

The image is not centered in printable version for me - with or without justify paragraphs option on

Amir: thoughts on removing the user preference altogether (bug 52810)?

The preference was just recently removed (bug 52810), I guess that makes this a WONTFIX.