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API: Ability to search by user id
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Currently, you can use the API to search for a list of users using usernames (the ususers propery). However, there is no way to search using their user ids instead.

It would be nice if such a parameter existed (or the ususers property was updated to also accept a list of user ids)

(Current API info is at

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: enhancement


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
blubber: Use "includes" instead of "copies"repos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!194kharlanmain-I5e7aef67f734f234e632f05f4a2a7ebaee6bc74amain
init-db: Don't assume that database existsrepos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!193kharlanmain-Ibadfffbb27d96ff9c4ef30bc1db22de6b39d5ab7main
update-db.js: Fix logging to import_statusrepos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!187tchandersfix-import-continuemain
Guard against already-run importsrepos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!172stranmain-If648356e2b62b2c310d9adcef7db361040c29dacmain
Recover from failed batchesrepos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!171stranmain-I2dc633c649816aa02e79ee04f5a01b19ec456a8amain
Allow imports to continue even if a batch has an errorrepos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!170stranmain-I3a652b4673a21d5d1c9b95468859a2ca7b9fa3a8main
Guard against already-run importsrepos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!169stranguard-rerunning-importsmain
Draft: Recover from failed batchesrepos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!168stranrerun-failed-batchesmain
Draft: Allow imports to continue even if a batch has an errorrepos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!167stranimplement-batch-err-recoverymain
Remove anonymous property from tunnelsrepos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!155stranupdate-tunnel-definitionmain
Customize query in GitLab

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I'm intrested to work on this bug.Can someone please assign this to me?

aravikn wrote:

Would someone help me with this?

Aravind: How could I help you with this? (Intentional counterquestion; as your question is too vague to get answered in a helpful way.)

aravikn wrote:

I'm sorry Andre, this always happens with me. The reason why the question was vague was because I did not really understand what I'm supposed to do with the code. I was able to locate it in the code though.

Change 252893 had a related patch set uploaded (by TyA):
T34494 API: Get user info with user ids

TyA set Security to None.

Change 252893 abandoned by TyA:
T34494 API: Get user info with user ids

Thanks for the comments Anomie! I believe I bit off a bit more than I can chew at the moment, so rather than letting this rot I'm going to abandon the change.

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Yes, this task says "Open, Low" in the upper left corner.

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I will mentor this in Google-Code-In-2016

(or the ususers property was updated to also accept a list of user ids)

That's not terribly likely to be workable, since it's possible to have a username that is an integer.

Filip subscribed.

I'll make it for GCI.

Change 325259 had a related patch set uploaded (by Filip):
Added "API: Ability to search by user id"

Change 325259 merged by jenkins-bot:
ApiQueryUsers: Add ability to search by user ID