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Assist Capacity Exchange Development
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IMPORTANT: Make sure to read the Outreachy participant instructions and communication guidelines thoroughly before commenting on this task. This space is for project-specific questions, so avoid asking questions about getting started, setting up Gerrit, etc. When in doubt, ask your question on Zulip first!

Project title:
Assist Capacity Exchange Development

Brief summary:
The Capacity Exchange (CapX) is a project developing a sociotechnical platform for peer-to-peer connection and knowledge sharing towards sustainable, community-based capacity-building within the Wikimedia Movement. It intends to deliver an interactive, online platform, backed by a database, which will allow wikimedians to: publish information about themselves, their affiliates, and informal groups; conduct searches and access information published by others; connect with peers for knowledge exchange. The platform is intended to be responsive, intuitive, and accessible to all wikimedia users.

Originally built upon the OERWorldMap, the new development phase (2023-2025) is currently migrating the pilot software from Java to Python, using the Django framework. Therefore, the code is being reworked and re-written to embody a new pilot.
Within this effort, the intern will assist the project software developer on tasks related to planned Django Apps and other functionalities, such as the login, profile and search systems.

This project is mentored by Andi Inácio (Project Manager), Veronica Stocco (Software Developer), and Jan-Bart de Vreede (Advisory Committee member).

We strongly encourage the application of women, people of color, LGBTQIAP+, and/or Global Southerners . Being part of the wikimedia movement is an advantage perk;

Python basic knowledge (especially Django framework);

Possible mentor(s):
@AInacio @Jan-Bart @Ederporto

T347253 Create a Django project and commit it to GitHub
T347254 Structure the database and create a model
T347255 Write views and templates
T347256 Develop automated unit tests

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Aklapper changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Sep 18 2023, 3:37 PM

Hi @AInacio, thanks for taking the time to report this. Given the Outreachy project tag, I assume the intention of this task is to propose a project for Outreachy.
Please see for all the steps required, including the task template to use. Thanks!

Hi @Aklapper guess I was tagged because I'm coordinating interns doing Wikimedia projects in the upcoming Outreachy and GSoC cohort with @Maryann-Onyinye

Hi @AInacio Thank you for submitting your project proposal for this internship round. We're excited to have you on board!

Here are a few suggestions/feedback on your submission:

  • Kindly add the phabricator usernames of the other mentors to the task. Mentors will be added to a private Phabricator Outreachy Mentor group.

If you have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you!

Thank you all @Maryann-Onyinye @Aklapper for the pointed directions. I updated the task to follow the template, but should complete it in the next 48 hours.

Thank you all @Maryann-Onyinye @Sheilakaruku @Aklapper for the pointed directions. I updated the task to follow the template, but should complete it in the next 48 hours.

That's great! Once it's updated we can proceed to the next steps and upload on the website ahead of the proposal deadline.

Maryann-Onyinye changed the visibility from "Public (No Login Required)" to "acl*outreachy-mentors (Project)".Sep 25 2023, 4:50 AM

Thanks for the update!

@Ederporto Would you be a mentor on this project?

Next Steps:

Thank you,

Thanks for the update!

@Ederporto Would you be a mentor on this project?

Next Steps:

Thank you,

Maryann-Onyinye changed the task status from Stalled to Open.Sep 25 2023, 1:59 PM

Hi @AInacio

Just approved your submission on the outreachy website. However you left out the "Relevant Skills" bit. Kindly edit your project on the website to include the relevant skills the interns would need to work on the project. Also, we encourage co-mentors to sign up on the outreachy website via this link -

Thank you!

Thank you @Maryann-Onyinye, I completed the submission.
I'll forward this orientation to the co-mentors.

Maryann-Onyinye changed the visibility from "acl*outreachy-mentors (Project)" to "Public (No Login Required)".Oct 2 2023, 1:54 PM

Hello @Alnacio, @Maryann-Onyinye @Aklapper I hope this message finds you well. I express my sincere gratitude to be a part of the contributors. I am truly excited to learn from your expertise and contribute to the project.

I am eager to begin working on this project and contribute in any way that I can, and I would love to take on task T347253.

I am kindly requesting to be pointed to the mentor. Could you please provide more information regarding the next steps in the process? Your direction would be highly appreciated.

Warm Regards,

Hello @AInacio, @Maryann-Onyinye, and @Aklapper,

I trust you are all in good health. My name is Umwari Jovial, and I am an Outreachy applicant. I'm delighted to be part of this project, and I have been thoroughly enjoying working with my preferred tools.

I'm excited to share that I have completed all the assigned tasks thus far. I am now looking forward to understanding what the next steps in the process are.

Thank you for your time and guidance.

Warm regards,
Umwari Jovial

Greetings @AInacio @Ederporto @Jan-Bart,

I trust you're all well. Following the completion of the previous tasks, I've been exploring the process of migrating the pilot software, originally hosted at the pilot software link, to the new pilot using the Python Django framework.

As an initial step, I've submitted several PRs to the Capx repository. While it's uncertain whether we'll retain the same UI as the old pilot software, I'm actively delving into the backend implementation for a more in-depth understanding.

I'm reaching out to inquire if there's an existing backend structure that I can study to facilitate this process. Your feedback and guidance are greatly anticipated.

Thank you, and I eagerly await your response.