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Share mobile VE A/B test results and deployments plans with participating wikis
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This task involves the work of sharing the findings from the A/B test the Editing Team ran to evaluate the impact of offering the mobile visual editor by default with A) volunteers at the projects that participated in this test [i], B) volunteers at the projects scheduled to participate in the Edit Check (references) A/B test [ii] and C) volunteers at the Edit Check partner wikis [iii].

Decision(s) to be made

  • 1. What – if any – questions/concerns does the "Proposal" below bring to mind for volunteers at each of the wikis we're proposing to offer mobile VE to newcomers by default? [i][ii][iii]


The below are copied from T352127.

  1. For all 1) new accounts and 2) logged out people who initial an edit on mobile, show them the mobile visual editing interface by default
  2. People who already have a sticky editing interface preference (e.g. Always give me the source editor) set within Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-editing` will NOT be impacted/see any change as a result of the mobile visual editor being enabled, by default, for the people named in "1."

i. T221196: Set mobile VE as default for target wikis in A/B test
ii. T345298: Identify participating wikis for Edit Check (references) A/B test
iii. T327707: Identify partner wikis for Edit Check project