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Improve the functionality of Toolwatch
Open, Needs TriagePublic


  • Update the UI and styling of the tool
  • Add a search bar to the hosted tool
  • Improve pagination
  • Feature for sending emails to the author when a tool gets unavailable

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@Gopavasanth, @Soda: There is both and . Where is the one canonical issue tracker for this codebase? implies it is Phabricator, so Github issues should be switched off (or the Phabricator project archived)? Thanks in advance for avoiding duplication and fragmentation!

We will close the github issue @Aklapper, thanks :)

We plan to add a notification system to the authors once the tool gets unavailable. Lets discuss the task here before moving forward with any further implementations.

We will close the github issue @Aklapper, thanks :)

Yay. When? :)

Hi @Aklapper, it seems like there are no issues listed on To ensure centralized issue tracking, let's use the Phabricator tool under This way, all discussions and issues related to ToolWatch can be conveniently managed in one place.

@Gopavasanth Anyone ending up first on will likely not find your comment that you posted at . :) Please ensure centralized issue tracking by switching off one of two places (e.g. for GitHub), and allowing folks who go to to find out about the existence of somehow. Thanks :)