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Upgrade Thumbor to Debian Bookworm
Open, Needs TriagePublic


According to WMF's Operating system upgrade policy in 2024 Debian Bullseye will be depreciated.
End of LTS-Support of Buster: Jul 2024
End of support of Bullseye (by Debian Security team) August 2024
End of LTS-Support of Bullseye (by Volunteers): July 2026

End of support by Debian security teamEnd of LTS-Support by volunteers
Buster (oldoldstable)not any moreJul. 2024
Bullseye (oldstableAug. 2024Jul. 2026
Bookworm (stable)Jul. 2026Jul. 2028
Trixie (testing)TBATBA

Known blockers

  • check packages and dependency changes