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[SPIKE] Draft of Mediawiki extension proposal for Metrics Platform Instrumentation (& Experimentation)
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Some great thinking has already gone into how to approach Metrics Platform instrumentation configuration ( see: Design Document: Metrics Platform Stream Configuration Management Control Plane), now it is time to polish up the proposal and submit it for review as part of the Planning A New Extension process.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Draft of proposal is complete
  • Draft has been reviewed by at least 3 members of Data Products team
  • Technical stakeholders outside Data Products have been identified and consulted as part of the drafting process

Event Timeline

  • draft of proposal is complete

The Where Do We Build It? TDR can be found here:

I plan on iterating on (if necessary), @cjming's Design Document to create the finalised draft proposal.

Per yesterday's Data Products Standup meeting, @VirginiaPoundstone and I need to create a new task that accurately describes what's left to do (e.g. an Experiment Control Plane Design Document) and then close this task as Resolved.