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Permalinks are getting very long when non-latin characters are part of the link
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By their structure, permalinks can be long: #c-<username1>-<timestamp1>-<username2>-<timestamp2>. They can be even longer if all comments are written using non-Latin characters.

One of the drawbacks is that the [perma]link is copied using link encoding, for example “The field appears: %D8%A7%D9%84%D9%85%D9%8A%D8%AF%D8%A7%D9%86” and this may make it difficult to deal with it as internal links. Unless the encoding is replaced via online tools «URL Decoder».

Permalink to this comment (a good example)

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Note that this is generally true of non-latin links in contexts where the %-encoded form is shown. Even without the permalink, the page link is:

I'm not sure there's much we can do about this, but it would be nice if more places used the original form, like one sees in the address bar:

image.png (35×770 px, 9 KB)

In contexts where a short link is required, the URL shortener can always be used, e.g.

Yeah, I suspected that we could not do much there. Perhaps adding a community configuration to generate short links as the default link?

The non-encoded form of these URLs is equally valid, for exampleويكيبيديا:الميدان/منوعات#c-Mohanad-20240130214100-وصلة_دائمة_لتعليقات_المستخدمين_المُلحقة_بط. It should be possible to use this form when we're copying the link upon clicking a timestamp.

(As far as I know, we can't control the browser behavior when copying from the address bar or (right click) → Copy link. Perhaps some day browser developers will consider non-English-speaking users. Firefox has an option for it – in about:config you can toggle browser.urlbar.decodeURLsOnCopy to true.)

(Firefox has an option for it – in about:config you can toggle browser.urlbar.decodeURLsOnCopy to true.)

Nice! Maybe this could documented somewhere so that at least Firefox users can copy readable links?

Maybe we could have two separate affordances?

  • The link in the timestamp is just a regular link, with no JavaScript added, i.e. no auto-copy. One can left-click on it and then copy the URL from the URL bar, or right-click on it and select Copy Link (or however it’s called in their browser). If they use Firefox and have browser.urlbar.decodeURLsOnCopy enabled, the former will result in a human-readable link, in other browsers and the latter won’t (but will be safe to post anywhere: other forums, URL shorteners etc.). We can’t do anything about this.
  • Another button in the three-dot menu added in T249893, called “Copy wikitext link”, copies a wikitext-formatted link to the clipboard, e.g. [[ويكيبيديا:الميدان/منوعات#c-Mohanad-20240130214100-وصلة دائمة لتعليقات المستخدمين المُلحقة بط]]. No percent-encoding, no underscores, no domain name, just what you would paste in a wikitext editor (or in a VisualEditor editor, as VE auto-converts this syntax to a link).