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Improve filtering for iOS Watchlist: Namespaces & Saved Filters
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We recently released the Native Watchlist on iOS. Filters to the watchlist were discussed in user testing & community feedback Participants noted the need for more specific user status filters and the option to hide one's edits. They also expressed a desire for an option to search for all changes to a specific page.

Work on filters was coordinated in this phab: Create Filters for Watchlist on iOS T342929

In the Oct 2023 update we shared: The iOS Watchlist respects your web preferences if you are a cross platform user, and you can use the filter option to switch between languages. However, we did not include all filter options as originally intended, which was pointed out by a user that stated in their feedback:

“Filtering is a little limited compared to desktop
At a minimum, I'd like to be able to filter by namespace
Ideal would be that I could use the custom filters I've already set on Web. Not sure how many people use these, and I could imagine it's a power user feature but consistency here would be great.”

These two requirements of filtering by namespace and importing Saved / Custom filters were not included in the original scope of filtering within the app.

Current filters within the Native Watchlist:

IMG_5145.PNG (2×1 px, 301 KB)
IMG_5148.PNG (2×1 px, 381 KB)
IMG_5146.PNG (2×1 px, 388 KB)
  • User can filter by namespace
  • The app respects Filter state associated with their account (created in Web)
  • Add an explanatory sentence about how custom filters are/are not synced and where they can be edited on app vs web on filter screen (Will be provided by PM)
  • Users can Save settings as a Saved Filter, and give it a name
  • Saved Filters created in app sync with account and appear on their Web Watchlist

Nice to have

  • Upon opening filter settings, show tooltip letting user know their settings were successfully synced with their account

Probably out of scope

  • Parity with all filter settings currently available on Web
  • Allowing Custom Filters from Web (reliant on an API)