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Android add stream `app_patroller_experience` to event sanitization allowlist
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Data from Android Patroller feature is limited in quantity, we would like to preserve event data from sanitization past the usual 90 days

Columns to preserve:

  • active_interface
  • action
  • action_data
  • primary_language
  • platform
  • wiki_id
  • platform
  • primary_language
  • app_install_id
  • app_session_id
  • dt
  • is_anon

app_patroller_experience => 'schema_title' => 'analytics/mobile_apps/app_interaction', 'destination_event_service' => 'eventgate-analytics-external'

Event Timeline

Change rWFCG101314285ba6 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cooltey; author: Cooltey):

[analytics/refinery@master] Add `app_patroller_experience` to allowlist for Android app

Hi @SNowick_WMF, I have submitted a patch and please help to review it, thanks!