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Author: pitlicek

Add support to take pictures and upload them to commons.

I am on a vacation, and see something encyclopedicaly relevant (like some castle, UNESCO building, interesting car, famous person, ...). I want to take my phone, take picture of it, add some name, summary, license, etc. and upload it to commons, with geolocation and other cool stuff.

I understand it depends on implementation of user login to application, and it might cause flood of irrelevant or low quality (phone cameras) pictures to commons.

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: enhancement



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philinje wrote:

See bug 31979. This one is not specific to Android and could be the general web wizard approach which will work on Android and other webkit browsers but not iOS. Or should we make this a duplicate of 31979?

Resolving as this bug is too fluffy and not directly actionable. Were already starting work on something similar to this at the Bangalore Dev Camp.