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Not able to access Gerrit
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In T356645, my access was restored for production data & systems access was restored.

I am still having trouble logging into Gerrit. My Wiki tech account is working fine. I've tried to reset my developer account, but I am still seeing the error message shown below.

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 2.44.03 AM.png (670×635 px, 289 KB)

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Please please give your login account next time which saves a bit of time figuring out which ones has to be diagnosed. Eventually I found it via the parent task on T356645#9522774 which states:

You look still to be blocked on wikitech - not sure if that's related but it should probably be undone

From the block log you got unblocked:

09:18, 8 February 2024 Jelto talk contribs block unblocked Conniecc1 talk contribs (per discussion in

But that clearly did not get you unblocked from Gerrit for whatever reason:

commit 3731d02ffdc35239c9da29696902870d8730e823 (HEAD -> users/50/7450, origin/users/50/7450)
Author: [BOT] Gerrit Code Review <>
Date:   Fri Jan 12 22:17:04 2024 +0000

    Deactivate Account via API

diff --git a/account.config b/account.config
index b7fd3d35b2..0d7803d6bc 100644
--- a/account.config
+++ b/account.config
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
        fullName = Conniecc1
        preferredEmail =
+       active = false

Unblocking on wikitech should trigger a MediaWiki hook to reactivate the user in Gerrit. That got enhanced on Feb 1st by a0fa149e8e06d1954c6c36121eaf4e347e4d1f19 for T307558 . Maybe that previously broken or that patch broke it. I will dig into it and follow up on the other task.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2024-03-13T08:31:11Z] <hashar> gerrit: reactivated account Conniecc1 using gerrit set-account 7450 --active | T360006

hashar claimed this task.

I have manually reactivated the account, you should be able to login now :)

To address the root cause of the Gerrit user not being reactivated when the accounts is unblocked from Wikitech, I have reopened a past task and posted my analysis on it T307558#9625736.

@hashar Thank you so much! It works now!