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[Session] Using kokkuri to build container images on GitLab CI
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  • Title of session: Using kokkuri to build container images on GitLab CI
  • Session description:

In this session we will present the tool kokkuri. kokkuri standardizes GitLab CI pipelines for container image builds by providing a CI-template which can be included in other projects. kokkuri can use existing blubber configuration to build container images. Blubber is Wikimedia's declarative abstraction for secure, yaml-based definitions for service images. Any project which uses container images and blubber can benefit from this standardization and build production-ready container images with a few lines of yaml code.
We will cover the basics of blubber, the usage of kokkuri, different use cases and some example projects.

  • Username for contact: @Jelto @brennen
  • Session duration (25 or 50 min): 25
  • Session type (presentation, workshop, discussion, etc.): presentation
  • Language of session (English, Arabic, etc.): English

*bold text Prerequisites (some Python, etc.): containers, a bit of blubber

Notes from session:

Using kokkuri to build container images on GitLab CI

Date and time: May 3, 14:30

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@[[phab:p/Jelto/|Jelto]] & @[[phab:p/brennen/|brennen]]



  • Jelto: SRE at the Foundation, working much of time on GitLab.
  • Agenda:

basics of containers
image building with blubber
CI image building with Kokkuri
Putting it all together

Basic overview of containers
what is a container, what is an image, etc
dockerfile -> docker build -> image -> docker run -> Container
Writing Dockerfiles is tricky, lots of ways to do it, not ideal for applications you want to deploy at scale, security concerns, etc.
Blubber mostly replaces writing a detailed Dockerfile
Declarative, structured YAML
Mostly supports Docker features, adds some - variants, etc.
Standardizes images to be created
image building with blubber
blubber.yaml -> docker build -> Image -> docker build -> container -> (dockerd) -> (buildkitd)

Demo of a basic .pipeline/blubber.yaml

replicates something like pipelineLib as is to Jenkins
reusable GitLab CI templates
building, testing, publishing of images
Include a predefined set of jobs from the kokkuri repo, you should get image building with relatively little effort

WMF has self-hosted at WMF
free to use for wiki projects including CI
login with wikitech account
approval required - reach out to brennen, Andre, or Jelto
blubber.yaml <- gitlab-ci.yml -> kokkuri:build-image -> image
uses cloud runners, shared runners, trusted runners to go to the registry
annual review report
Sample pipelines:
repos/releng/gitlab-trusted-runner lists projects allowed access to trusted runners (for publishing to production registry)


where does the image live in the kokkuri example?

    • the image would be built on the runner
    • it is not pushed to a shared registry
  • build the image in your software and then it uses kokkuri for running tests and pushing to a registry.

Is there a tutorial? how do I use it in toolforge? do I need to move to gitlab, create pipelines? but is that all the steps?




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