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Write docu/how-to for Windows with a GUI client
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Besides bug 35145 (Make git-review more easy to install on Windows) we need a good how-to for Windows user with a GUI client.

Currently all docu is about working with the command line interface.

Which Windows GUI works well with git-review? And how-to?

Some screenhots which show the standard workflow of clone/branch/commit/pull/push/git-review would be a good start.

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This is a doc bug (block 1) and enhancement

There is something I don't understand. Our instructions for any platform are command-line based, except Gerrit reviews that are done for on a web interface. git and git-review are command line tools.

We have instructions to install and run the tools needed on Windows. There are Git GUI clients for Windows out there. Gerrit seems to have some problems with Explorer but it is possible to install Firefox or Chrome.

To me this looks like a WONTFIX, because we won't work on any GUI improvements for Git or git-review on Windows - or any other platform. Other projects out there might find this task interesting.

Do you agree? Sorry if I misunderstood your request.

I've always read this bug as "Figure out and describe how to use Gerrit with TortoiseGit."

This is not something I've ever intended to do, so I'd probably agree with WONTFIX.

(In reply to comment #3)

Gerrit seems to have some problems with Explorer

Should be mostly fixed now, according to bug 41559.

To me this looks like a WONTFIX

Let's do it.