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Mobile view fails for two-level domain names like multilingual wikisource (
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The mobile view doesn't function for the multilingual wikisource ( Tested with Safari on iPhone 4 and in FF 11.0 on MacBook.

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Are you meaning it only displays "This homepage needs to be configured. Read more here"?

(In reply to comment #1)

Are you meaning it only displays "This homepage needs to be configured. Read
more here"?

Hmm, actually I had not run into that. No, if you choose "Mobile view" link at the bottom of the page you get a Server Not Found error ("Firefox can't find the server at"):

On a mobile device (specifically an iPhone 4) you get a Cannot Open Page error: "Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found"

The link that is being created to the mobile view is wrong:

Note the . after org
Also I'm pretty sure the domain is not

Whatever creates that link is doing something strange...

Is that because it's expecting format, where X is the project, per

Unlike most projects, is a live project without a langcode (see Bug 32189), is merely a redirect to So is it trying to treat "wikisource" as the langcode and "org" as the X (i.e. the project) and it expects a follow-on TLD after the final dot?

I have changed the summary again because 1) this has to do with the *entire* multilingual wikisource site, not just the mainpage and 2) I've looked at this further with enomil and it does not appear to be a broken link as such, the mobilefrontend cannot handle a domain name that has only two levels as is the case with but rather does exactly as I've noted in Comment 4, above.

enomil wrote:

*** Bug 37554 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

MaxSem: jdlrobson, it expects a different $wgMobileUrlTemplate
jdlrobson: MaxSem: where is that defined in LocalSettings?
MaxSem: operations/mediawiki-config. I guess the problem is that no mobile domain is set for oldwikisource
[1:04pm] MaxSem: and there's no redirection

Fixing $wgMobileUrlTemplate for this wiki is rather easy, the true problem lies with bug 29364, as the mobile redirect is not implemented.

I'll submit a patch in a moment, and will close this bug once it's merged; from then on, please refer to bug 29364.

Change 91586 had a related patch set uploaded by Odder:
(bug 36002) Configure $wgMobileUrlTemplate for sourceswiki

Change 91586 merged by jenkins-bot:
(bug 36002) Configure $wgMobileUrlTemplate for sourceswiki