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Description;a=blobdiff;f=ArticleFeedbackv5.i18n.php;h=026adbc7a40efd58ab5a93c174cc44bc1920eb02;hp=cab16efbcddefd0c824aa8ca4226d88efe98d6cf;hb=0981daf3acdcd48233511efc742331b70708cd0e;hpb=fff431cfe3f6a006e107bd67abccb7a64406d3db introduced two messages that are patchwork:

+ 'articlefeedbackv5-cta5-confirmation-followup' => 'Your feedback has been $1.',
+ 'articlefeedbackv5-cta5-confirmation-followup-linktext' => 'posted here',

This should simply be "Your feedback has been [[$1 posted here]]" or something similar.

Found this our reviewing Gerrit diff in for patch set 1 to patch set 3.

Version: master
Severity: major



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Normal.Nov 22 2014, 12:21 AM
bzimport added projects: ArticleFeedbackv5, I18n.
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siebrand created this task.May 24 2012, 6:32 PM

Top tip: Add some default CCs for ArticleFeedbackv5, because there aren't any.

Thanks, Siebrand!

Can you please clarify what you are proposing in layman's language?

(I am not a programmer, so I don't understand what you mean by 'patchwork' of 'default CCs').

Much appreciated.

Default Ccs: send email to one or more email addresses once a bug has been reported for a certain component. This is bugzilla functionality,

Patchwork messages: Languages have varying word orders, and complex grammatical and syntactic rules. Messages put together from lots of pieces of text, possibly with some indirection, are very hard, if not impossible, to translate. Better make messages complete sentences each, with a full stop at the end. Several sentences can usually much more easily be combined into a text block, if needed. More at

Thank you Siebrand.

This is very helpful, and I bookmarked your excellent page with tips for localization:

I am asking Matthias Mullie, our new AFT5 developer, to address this patchwork issue, so that he can fix this in coming weeks. He will be in Berlin, so maybe you guys can address this in person, if you are going too.

Also, you and I should schedule a call when you get back from Berlin, to plan our next steps for internationalization of AFT5, which we hope to develop in June-July, with your help.

I thought I already got email Ccs for all posts about Article Feedback v5 tickets on Bugzilla -- but maybe I should make sure I enable it by default, as you suggest -- for both Matthias and myself, on both AFT and AFT5. Do you know where we can set this up?

Also, please make sure to add this keyword to any important bugs related to AFT5, so we can include it in this phase of development: aftv5-1.5 (I just added it to this post). Like this, we will pay closer attention to them, as we have a number of tickets that have been pushed back to the next phase and are not getting the same attention.



Was merged and reverted in Gerrit 10298.

(In reply to comment #6)

Was merged and reverted in Gerrit change #10298.

Yes; Roan accidentally merged it but I had him pull it out since it depends on a core change ( awaiting approval.