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Table borders are always shown
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In the mobile version of Wikimedia projects, cell borders in tables are always shown, even when they should not. For example there are some templates (such as [ this] and [ this]) in which tables are used to build something's structure: in this cases borders are unaesthetic. Instead, borders should be shown only if they would in the desktop version.

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This is due to tables being display block to enable scrolling on the mobile site.

Agreed we should make these more aesthetically pleasing.

This appears to have regressed. The current selector for applying borders is just: .content table td [main.less,200]. There are many places where tables are used to provide layout invisibly.

Caused by: Ib3376651b8bbca3fb5b5ff8e3020efc435be0408
(before moving content css from common to content)


We recently submitted a change that would hide the borders on tables within tables. I'm not sure if this will help...

Could you override the style on mobile using MediaWiki:Mobile.css ?

bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Trello card

I need more feedback on this bug guys. Is there a way we can identify which tables should have borders and which shouldn't?

It seems templates should be able to specify their styles using inline styles to override the default table styling. I'm not sure there is anything we can do here.

Simply stated, only the tables that have borders in the desktop version should have them in the mobile version. But maybe this is of no help from a technical point of view.

I need some specific examples of pages that have this problem so I can dig into this more.. can you provide some more details :)

For instance, take a look at . Template:Header uses a table, but not all the borders have to be shown. By the way, other table styles (width, border color, background color) do no work as well.

This looks like an issue with wikisource.

Wikisource has various rules in
which are not being loaded in

You'll need to get the table related rules copied over and tested by an admin there.