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No results on CheckUser query from on PostgreSQL
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When asked for username IP addresses or edits CheckUser might return entries for (for internally generated entries via FauxRequest etc.).

When asked for users on no results are shown, however.

select * from cu_changes where cuc_ip_hex = '7F000001';

returns no results

It seems like entries are stored like this:

# select * from cu_changes where cuc_ip_hex='0';

-[ RECORD 1 ]--+--------------------------------
cuc_id         | 68
cuc_namespace  | 90
cuc_title      | Dyskusja_użytkownika:Saper/test
cuc_user       | 1
cuc_user_text  | Saper
cuc_actiontext | 
cuc_comment    | Nowy wątek  test
cuc_minor      | 1
cuc_page_id    | 1717
cuc_this_oldid | 63082
cuc_last_oldid | 0
cuc_type       | 1
cuc_timestamp  | 2012-05-07 23:21:58+02
cuc_ip         |
cuc_ip_hex     | 0
cuc_xff        | 
cuc_xff_hex    | 
cuc_agent      |

and have cuc_ip_hex stored as zero instead of 7F0001

For MySQL entries are correct:

        cuc_id: 22
 cuc_namespace: 4
     cuc_title: Książki/Moja_książka
      cuc_user: 1
 cuc_user_text: Saper
   cuc_comment: Utworzył nową stronę „{{zapisane_książki}}  == Moja książka == === test === :[[Strona główna]]  [[Kategoria:Książki|Książki/Moja książka]]”
     cuc_minor: 0
   cuc_page_id: 8
cuc_this_oldid: 15
cuc_last_oldid: 0
      cuc_type: 1
 cuc_timestamp: 20120301052308
    cuc_ip_hex: 7F000001
   cuc_xff_hex: NULL
4 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Version: master
Severity: normal



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overlordq wrote:

If I had to hazard a guess it's because toHex/toUnsigned in the IP class isn't stripping off the prefix size before passing it to ip2long, which then returns false and there's no error checking.

saper added a comment.Jul 3 2012, 3:56 PM

Yes, looks something like that. What wonders me is why other IPv4 addresses work :)

overlordq wrote:

Meh, my first commit in a while, pushed to gerrit.

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"in review" is not quite the right status here as it's been abandoned since 2013

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