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Remove Patrol from Fi-wiki
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Author: Pxos.Fiwiki

We at fi.wikipedia would like to get rid of the old Patrol-feature altogether as we have implemented the Flagged Revisions. Link to the discussion where this received unanimous support can be found here:

The question was as follows: If the FlaggedRevisions are fully implemented on, can we get rid of the old patrolled edits? 15 votes supporting. The FR was made a permanent feature on 31 May 2012 so the condition has been met.


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Severity: enhancement



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+shell as a shell user will be needed to deploy a configuration change.

I can confirm the vote but looks like you are confused on what you are actually voting about.

I gather you are talking about recent changes patrolling (including new page patrolling?) governed by wgUseRCPatrol variable. This is core feature and not an extension as stated in the vote.

This line gives me a nostalgic feeling:
'fiwiki' => true, // By request of Nikerabbit in #wikimedia-tech on 2005-12-20 -ævar (source ).

Pxos.Fiwiki wrote:

The vote may have called the feature an extension, but the point is (as Nikerabbit is able to read in Finnish) that the community does not need the core feature at all.

If the core feature cannot be disabled, an alternative proposal (mine only) is to enable sysops to give or remove the "patrol" and "autopatrol" bits so that all patroller-rights could be removed from all users. This will lead to the same result as far as I know (or do not know).

Thank you for the clarification.

Taking this bug.

Actually I don't see any clarification, did the survey ask removal of RC patrol, new pages patrol or both? This question wasn't answered.

I've blocked the Gerrit change to mitigate the shell policy.

I tried to read the consultation and see "luovuttaisiin (...) tarkastus-lisäosan (Patrolled Edits)". This explicitely requests the removal of the ''patrolled edits'' feature (they declare it as extension).

In a second paragraph, they describe the feature and the rationale.

No element in the consultation refered to RC patrol or to new pages patrol. We could see:

  • the RC patrol feature is a duplicate of flagged revs ;
  • pxos analyses it at every patrol feature removal ;
  • the bug #1405 split the patrol into RC / new pages, before this bug, they were enabled by the same setting ;
  • 4 wikis disabled the new pages patrol: hu. (bug #19241), sq. (bug #25822), ru. (bug #31650) and uk. (bug #33273).

I so think the conclusion is the consultation technical interpretation is they wish to remove both flags.

(In reply to comment #8)

  • 4 wikis disabled the new pages patrol: hu. (bug #19241), sq. (bug #25822),

ru. (bug #31650) and uk. (bug #33273).

hu., sq., ru. (see bug #15525 for the FlaggedRevs reference) and uk. all requested to install flagged revisions or to disable the new pages patrolling with explicit reference to flagged revisions.

Hi, i think that it is ok to remove both. New pages patrolling functionality is now duplicated by flagged revisions so it is not needed.

For clarity my Wikipedia nick is Zache and wrote the query for enabling the flagged revision at wiki to bugzilla. I started also the proposal for the disabling the new page patrolling which was linked by pxos in the first comment.

Thank you for your clarification.

Keywords update: -shellpolicy +shell +patch-in-gerrit

Deployed in live site. Thanks Dereckson!