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"Copy metadata" feature does not copy custom fields
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The "copy metadata" feature currently ignores custom fields added through upload campaigns like WLM. It should dynamically add those fields to the checkboxes (default-checked) when a campaign is loaded, and copy them if the user requests it.

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When I used UploadWizard all the checkboxes were default-checked, so could you explain a bit what you want to see here?

Nischay, this refers to custom fields added by the campaign feature; see

No. These are different "custom tags". Bug 39927 describes custom licensing templates like {{PD-Art}} being entered in the license selection workflow on a per-image basis and not correctly applied across a batch. This bug describes extra fields added via an upload campaign (such as a monument identifier number for WLM) not being copied.

Can we have a list of all such "custom tags" possible?
I can only see idField and idField2 atm.

Reproduced as well.

Since the changes to the Campaigns, there can be as many fields as defined in the JSON configuration.

I filed bug 53637 which is a duplicate.
Info from that bug:
I did the following actions

-I upload multiple images with for example the custom campaign on Commons.
-After using the link
and selecting 2 images I add information in the custom field for monument
identifiers. When I use the option "Copy information to all uploads below ..."
the information from the custom field isn't copied. All other information is

This seems like a bug to me.

  • Bug 53637 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

I am attempting/going to author a patch that will copy this information if the "Copy other information" checkbox is checked. I am not sure whether it is a good idea adding a 7th checkbox ("Copy campaign information"); if this is really wanted, it can be added later (I will make sure that it will be easy doing so.)

A checkbox for each single campaign field is, however, not possible unless the campaign scheme also defines a label that could be used by this checkbox.
"Copy " + fields[n].label does not work well (often longish text, starts with upper case letter, grammar, ...).

Change 83414 had a related patch set uploaded by MarkTraceur:
Copy contents of campaign fields with the copy-metadata

Change 83414 merged by jenkins-bot:
Copy contents of campaign fields on copy-metadata

Change 141197 had a related patch set uploaded by Inchikutty:
Copy contents of campaign fields on copy-metadata

Change 141197 abandoned by Alex Monk:
Copy contents of campaign fields on copy-metadata

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