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Editing textarea overflows out of bodyContent div
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Because of the padding and borders, the editing textarea is slightly wider than it should be, causing to to overflow out of the bodyContent by 4px.

Putting the textarea in a container div as follows, with css along these lines, should resolve this:

<div id="editBox">
<textarea .../>

#wpTextbox1 {
padding: 0;
border: none;
#wpEditBox {
border: solid 1px #c0c0c0;
padding: .1em;

Note that the WikiEditor extension fixes this bug but introduces a similar one due to its implementation (Bug 40608); this fix should not affect that.

Version: unspecified
Severity: trivial



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I have no idea what the words for this are, but this is now this:

Also, there is probably a status for this sort of thing but I have no idea what that is either.

Adding patch-in-gerrit keyword – this is the only status there is :)

There is a more general ticket about 'all locations' where we have this problem and that we should avoid/fix it.

And E3 team will have to remove their 'margin-right:-2px' from the editOptions class.