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Set wgContentNamespaces for hrwiki
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User Dereckson came to hr.wikipedia IRC channel and informed users present about existence of $wgContentNamespaces variable and possibility that our Dodatak namespace can be counted as content namespace.

I described to our community what that means here:

and asked for opinions, which was unanimous (17 valid votes) in favor of adding namespace Dodatak {{ns:102}} to list of content namespaces.


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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 12:57 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz40732.

Thank you for the discussion. That will be helpful for our data analyst (adding him in CC) to adjust content statistics.

Gerrit change 26456.

Config change merged by Reedy.

According to Hashar comment in the similar bug for es., the following script sequence statistics should be run:

  1. Get current statistics mwscript showStats.php --wiki=hrwiki
  2. Update article count: mwscript updateArticleCount.php --wiki=hrwiki --update
  3. Get new statistics mwscript showStats.php --wiki=hrwiki

Have those been run? Can this bug be closed now?

If I got it right, no, these scripts are still pending.

{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} variable shows only articles in main namespace {{ns:0}}, namespace with designation {{ns:102}} is not added.

So please first run scripts, then close this bug, thanks!

reedy@fenari:~$ mwscript showStats.php --wiki=hrwiki
Total views : 6276
Total edits : 4030294
Number of articles: 118215
Total pages : 372909
Number of users : 105121
Number of images : 10581
reedy@fenari:~$ mwscript updateArticleCount.php --wiki=hrwiki --update
Counting articles...found 129053.
Updating site statistics table... done.
reedy@fenari:~$ mwscript showStats.php --wiki=hrwiki
Total views : 6276
Total edits : 4030303
Number of articles: 129053
Total pages : 372910
Number of users : 105122
Number of images : 10581