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texvc utility not available on 1.21-wmf2 wikis
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<math>\scriptstyle 3 \frac{1}{2}</math> return, only after 1.21-wmf2 relase an error saying that the texvc executable is not found:
"Erreur math (L’exécutable « texvc » est introuvable. Lisez math/README pour le configurer.): \scriptstyle 3 \frac{1}{2}"

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texvc has not been generated for the 1.21wmf2 branch:

$ /bin/ls -1 /usr/local/apache/uncommon/1.21*/bin/texvc

Fixed with:

dsh -F25 -cM -g mediawiki-installation -o -oSetupTimeout=10 'sudo -u mwdeploy /usr/bin/scap-recompile'

Also added to my deploy list

So apparently we no more recompile texvc when synchronizing the server. The script has been somehow abstracted out to scap-recompile which is not even puppetized.

Anyway, Sam Reed rebuild the texvc for 1.20wmf2 and that fixed the issue:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

1.21wmf2 is no longer in use, so this is fixed (for now; bug 44653 describes similar issues with the 1.21wmf9 deployment). Bug 45076 has been filed for packaging texvc instead of manually compiling it on each server.