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hsl colors not supported by rsvg
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The linked image contains the following polygons:

<polygon fill="hsl(13, 77%, 52%)" points="107.644,470.877 74.633,100.62 437.367,100.62 404.321,470.819 255.778,512"/>
<polygon fill="hsl(18, 86%, 55%)" points="256,480.523 376.03,447.246 404.27,130.894 256,130.894"/>

These hsl colors are not supported by rsvg and rendered as black. Switching the colors to another colormodel, such as text or RGB, makes the image render as expected.

This has not yet been reported upstream it seems.

This seems not to be a valid SVG 1.1-feature.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal
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