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Add support for multiple types of subtitle services
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We already support multiple languages, but we should really make a distinction at the very least between:

FORCED (always on subtitles)
IMPAIRED (subtitles for the hearing impaired)

Another oft recognized type is 'commentary'

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mdale wrote:

The html5 spec defines the following types:

subtitles Subtitles Transcription or translation of the dialogue, suitable for when the sound is available but not understood (e.g. because the user does not understand the language of the media resource's audio track). Overlaid on the video.
captions Captions Transcription or translation of the dialogue, sound effects, relevant musical cues, and other relevant audio information, suitable for when sound is unavailable or not clearly audible (e.g. because it is muted, drowned-out by ambient noise, or because the user is deaf). Overlaid on the video; labeled as appropriate for the hard-of-hearing.
descriptions Descriptions Textual descriptions of the video component of the media resource, intended for audio synthesis when the visual component is obscured, unavailable, or not usable (e.g. because the user is interacting with the application without a screen while driving, or because the user is blind). Synthesized as audio.
chapters Chapters Chapter titles, intended to be used for navigating the media resource. Displayed as an interactive (potentially nested) list in the user agent's interface.
metadata Metadata Tracks intended for use from script. Not displayed by the user agent.

We should have the "srt" postfix to map to our special "mediaWiki" subtitle format .. and all the other above listed category keys map to VTT format per the updated per page content handler code ( and have them not allow wikiText interspersed with srts )