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Javascript error in wd.template when language is set to French
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When loading an item page with language set to French (fr), the loading animation stop and, after a few seconds, the list of sitelinks is showed without edit links.
This issue is caused by a JavaScript exception:
Error: mw.template: Tried to generate invalid HTML for template "wb-aliases-wrapper"

This append on this item: but not on this one
This is maybe because this first one has no aliases and the second one has one.

I have also reproduce this bug on my local installation with the trunk of the last Sunday (9th december).

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Sorry, I have forgotten to say that this issue append with Firefox 17.0.1 but not with Chrome 24.

Could be a coincidence that this happens to French (fr). It was a problem with s3 as it got a severe replication lag, it could be a timeout due to that.

Going to close this as "worksforme" unless someone finds another item with a similar problem.

Verified in Wikidata demo sprint 26

My guess is that it was just an overloaded web cache server. Loading JS resources in french (and probably selected other languages) timed out.

(In reply to comment #2)

Going to close this as "worksforme" unless someone finds another item with a
similar problem.


The issue was real, but it got fixed before I checked the bug and it didn't had any link to gerrit.

Change I641725a2: (bug 42956) Parsing strings passed to template engine.
Change merged.

Sorry, but the bug is still here. See for example when connected in French with Firefox 17.0.1.

It was verified on our test and dev system:
Fix will be available on with next deployment.

Is it possible to backport and deploy this before the next regular deployment? It makes Wikidata in French unusable and people are asking for a quicker fix than next year.

Update: The fix has been deployed on last night.

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