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Deploy git-deploy to the Beta Cluster
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Currently (from what I understand), the Beta Cluster uses shared files in gluster as a "deployment". We'd like to actually test git-deploy in advance of deploying it in eqiad (bug 43338).

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The application servers in beta indeed use a shared folder to get Mediawiki files and configuration. The directories are under /data/project

I have quickly talked about it with Ryan Lane. He told me git deploy need to be slightly adapted to be usable on beta. I will have a look at the code base to get familiar with it and then poke Ryan to list out what need to be done :-)

This is going to take a bit of effort to make happen. We don't really have proper openstack integration with saltstack yet, so we may want to wait a little while before we do this.

Ryan as I understand it we want to use git-deploy on beta before having it deployed on production. So unless I am mistaken, this is blocking git-deploy deployment :-/

I have made two beta projects to use WMF branches:

  • enwiktionary php-1.21wmf6
  • enwikibooks php-1.21wmf7

I have updated the cdb file, copied LocalSettings.php from php-master.

The l10n caches (for master / 1.21wmf6 and 1.21wmf7) are being regenerated on deployment-bastion using mw-update-l10n in a screen.

Ryan Lane had git-deploy deployed on beta and introduced me to the new system.

We have a beta0 slot for the beta cluster. Since beta runs mediawiki/core.git + mediawiki/extensions.git, Ryan has to update the minion script so it properly update the two levels of submodules.

Solved already. Ryan did an awesome job at improving git-deploy for the beta cluster. That works more or less, I guess we will improve it over the next few weeks.

For now, I guess the goal of having a basic git-deploy setup on beta is fulfilled.