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Remove production MediaWiki dependency on NFS
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This is a tracking bug for several other issues.

Paraphrasing Faidon: "I'd like us to get rid of ms7 and consequently MediaWiki's dependency on a shared filesystem (here: NFS). The last actions remaining for this are¹:

  1. Replacement of ExtensionDistributor (bug 37946)
  2. ConfirmEdit/Captcha (bug 43493)
  3. docroot (index, favicon, robots, pybaltestfile) -- I'm on it, needs mostly Swift & Squid/Varnish changes. Nothing from the platform team as far as I can see
  4. Other things that we may be forgetting. We'll do a final review, please do too.

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  1. Other things that we may be forgetting.

[[mw:Extension:ReaderFeedback]] got disabled in due to requiring NFS. Might be an opportunity to make affected sites switch to ArticleFeedbackTool.

ReaderFeedback is sort of the same, but not.

The NFS dependency is where it stores generated files.

It's pretty unmaintained, so should be allowed to go away and die.

For WMF production, we're wanting to remove storing the "staging" version of MediaWiki on NFS, pulling it straight from a local hard drive on a deployment host (tin), and then rsyncing it all over the place as necessary.

Done for many, many months now, the last bits went in with the eqiad migration (eqiad never got NFS in the first place).